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Our Board

Texas Psychologists have been formally fighting for prescriptive rights for over twenty years. The first iteration of TexasRxP was formed in 2000. Since that time many psychologists in our state have supported and/or formally joined the Texas Psychological Association's Division of Psychopharmacology. Currently, there are well over a hundred Texas Psychologists in that group. Of those, the following members routinely contribute to our legislative efforts in Austin and across the great state of Texas.

Cheryl Hall, Ph.D. **

Current President/Chair


Lubbock County

Deanna Yates, Ph.D. *

Former President/Chair


Bexar County

Melody Moore, Ph.D. **

Harris County

Lynette Pujol, Ph.D. **

Bexar County

Bret A. Moore, Psy.D., ABPP **

Bexar County

James G. Underhill, Psy.D. **

Austin County

Carol A. Grothues, Ph.D. *

Hays County

Elizabeth L. Richeson Ph.D. *

El Paso County

Mimi H. Wright, Ph.D. *

Bosque County

David Latini, Ph.D. *

Harris County

Kari Leavell, Ph.D. *

Tarrant County

Susan Gifford, Ph.D. *

Tarrant County

Levi Armstrong, Psy.D. *

Collin County

Michael Hand, Ph.D. *

El Paso County

Alycia Bellah, Ph.D. *

Tarrant County

Lane Ogden, Ph.D. *

Collin County

Dana Brauman, Psy.D. *

Austin/Travis County

Derek Ream, Psy.D. *

Fort Bend County

Sheree Gallagher, Psy.D.

Tarrant County

Michael H. Flynn, J.D., Ph.D.

Tarrant County

James H. Bray, Ph.D.

Bexar County

Elle Lockhart, Ph.D.

Dallas County

Ryan R. Cooper, Ph.D., J.D.

Lamar County

Andrew W. Griffin, Ph.D.

Limestone County

Robert F. Mehl, III, Ph.D.

Rockwall County

* Indicates post-doctoral training in RxP

** Indicates completed training and current prescriptive authority via the US Military or another state

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